Linux Kernel 5.16 steht jetzt zum Download bereit. Linus Torvalds gab die Verfügbarkeit des Linux-Kernels 5.16 bekannt. Sie können den Linux-Kernel 5.16 jetzt von herunterladen Webseite. Die Veröffentlichung von Linux 5.16 verzögerte sich um eine Woche

Linux Kernel 5.16 veröffentlicht

Teil der Ankündigung von Linus Torvalds:

Not a lot here since -rc8, which is not unexpected. We had that extra
week due to the holidays, and it's not like we had lots of last-minute
things that needed to be sorted out.

So this mainly contains some driver fixes (mainly networking and
rdma), a cgroup credential use fix, a few core networking fixes, a
couple of last-minute reverts, and some other random noise. The
appended shortlog is so small that you might as well scroll through

This obviously means that the merge window for 5.17 opens tomorrow,
and I'm happy to say I already have several pending early pull
requests.  I wish I had even more, because this merge window is going
to be somewhat painful due to unfortunate travel for family reasons.
So I'll be doing most of it on the road on a laptop - something I
generally try to avoid.

That said, the merging part of the merge window works perfectly well
on a laptop, it's just that I normally really want to do more local
build testing between merges than a laptop really allows me to do. So
the main downside during travel is that I end up relying much more on
the automated build testing in the cloud. And so really hope that
everything has been properly cooking in linux-next so that there are
no unnecessary issues that pop up when things hit my tree.

Of course, realistically our automated build testing is so good
anyway, and people have been pretty good about linux-next, that maybe
my local builds aren't _that_ important. I do end up occasionally
hitting issues that should never have made it as far as my tree, but
it's not like it's a common - or generally serious - issue.

Knock wood.

Anyway, I don't expect any real issue, but I'll probably be jetlagged
and in odd timezones, so my response time might be "variable".

But hey, before that merge window even opens, you still have some time
to give a shiny new kernel release some TLC and testing.


Linux 5.16 führt ein neues Kernelsystem namens FUTEX2 ein futex_waitv(). Futex oder Fast User Mutex ist eine Reihe von Systemaufrufen, die es dem Userspace ermöglichen, leistungsstarke Synchronisationsmechanismen wie Mutexe, Semaphoren und bedingte Variablen im Userspace zu erstellen. Linux 5.16-Intros unterstützen jetzt Nintendo Joy-Con- und Nintendo Pro-Controller; die 2021-Revision des Apple Magic Keyboard und ein neuer Realtek 802.11ax-Treiber.

Es unterstützt auch die Intel AMX-Anweisungen.

So installieren Sie Ubuntu auf Raspberry Pi (Ausgabe 2021)


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