Die neueste Version des Linux-Kernels steht jetzt zum Download bereit. Ja, Sie haben es richtig gehört, denn die Kernel-Version von Linux 5.13 steht zum Download bereit. Eine der interessanten Funktionen dieses Linux-Kernels ist Unterstützung für den Apple M1 Chip.

Linux Kernel 5.13 veröffentlicht

Die Ankündigung von Linus bezüglich der Veröffentlichung des Linux-Kernels.

So we had quite the calm week since rc7, and I see no reason to delay
5.13. The shortlog for the week is tiny, with just 88 non-merge
commits (and a few of those are just reverts).  It's a fairly random
mix of fixes, and being so small I'd just suggest people scan the
appended shortlog for what happened.

Of course, if the last week was small and calm, 5.13 overall is
actually fairly large. In fact, it's one of the bigger 5.x releases,
with over 16k commits (over 17k if you count merges), from over 2k
developers. But it's a "big all over" kind of thing, not something
particular that stands out as particularly unusual. Some of the extra
size might just be because 5.12 had that extra rc week.

And with 5.13 out the door, that obviously means that the merge window
for 5.14 will be starting tomorrow. I already have a few pull requests
for it pending, but as usual, I'd ask people to give the final 5.13 at
least a quick test before moving on to the exciting new pending


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