Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS veröffentlicht

Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS veröffentlicht

Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS steht jetzt offiziell zum Download bereit. Es handelt sich um die neueste Version des Long Term Support und das Team plant, Linux 5.10 bis 2026 beizubehalten.

Ankündigung von Linus Torvalds:

Ok, here it is - 5.10 is tagged and pushed out.

I pretty much always wish that the last week was even calmer than it
was, and that's true here too. There's a fair amount of fixes in here,
including a few last-minute reverts for things that didn't get fixed,
but nothing makes me go "we need another week". Things look fairly

It's mostly drivers - as it should be - with a smattering of fixes all
over: networking, architectures, filesystems, tooling.. The shortlog
is appended, and scanning it gives a good idea of what kind of things
are there. Nothing that looks scary: most of the patches are very
small, and the biggest one is fixing pin mapping definitions for a
pincontrol driver.

This also obviously means that the merge window for 5.11 will start
tomorrow.  I already have a couple of pull requests pending - you guys
know who you are, and thank you.

The most notable thing about the 5.11 merge window will be obvious to
anybody who takes a look at the calendar: realistically speaking, we
only have one week before the holidays are upon us, and everybody is
much too distracted. That means that I will be particularly strict
about the whole "the merge window is for things that are ready
*before* the merge window starts".

Now, I'm sure you all want to go off for holidays too, and I'm
actually surprised that I don't have more early pull requests pending.
So I think the whole "everything you send me should have already been
done" is something we can all sign up for. But exactly _because_ of
the timing, I will simply not be very interested in any new late pull
requests that come in the second week of the merge window: I expect to
still be handling some of the backlog that week _anyway_, but I
certainly do not want to get more of it.

So if it's not already in linux-next, and if you aren't happy sending
it in this upcoming week because it's not quite done yet, you should
basically plan on not getting it into 5.11 at all. There will be
releases after that one, don't worry.

This has _technically_ been the rule before too, it's just that I
generally haven't been all that hard-nosed about it, and have let
things slide if it wasn't _too_ egregious. This time around I have
fairly clear reasons why I'm just going to enforce that "it had better
be ready before the merge window even opened" rule.

If my overflow handling then ends up being interrupted by the
holidays, I may end up delaying rc1 just to catch up, but I hope and
expect that that won't even be needed. We'll see. But even if it does
happen, it most certainly will _not_ mean that I will take pull
requests that came in after the holidays.

Actual fixes that would be valid even outside the merge window are
obviously not affected by that rule.


Sie können den Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS für herunterladen offizielle Website Stellen Sie jedoch vor der Installation sicher, dass Sie eine Sicherungskopie Ihrer wichtigen Dateien erstellen.

Installieren Sie Bleachbit, um den Cache zu leeren und Speicherplatz unter Linux freizugeben


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