Linus Torvalds veröffentlicht Linux Kernel 5.5 mit besseren Funktionen

Einblick: Linus Torvalds veröffentlicht Linux Kernel 5.5 mit besserer Hardwareunterstützung

Der Gründer von Linux, Linus Torvalds, veröffentlicht Linux Kernel 5.5 mit unzähligen neuen Funktionen. Linux 5.5 mit dem Namen Kleptomaniac Octopus bietet eine bessere Hardwareunterstützung.

Linus Torvalds veröffentlicht Linux Kernel 5.5 mit besseren Funktionen

Aus der Ankündigungs-E-Mail:

So this last week was pretty quiet, and while we had a late network
update with some (mainly iwl wireless) network driver and netfilter
module loading fixes, David didn't think that warranted another -rc.
And outside of that, it's really been very quiet indeed - there's a
panfrost driver update too, but again it didn't really seem to make
sense to delay the final release by another week.

Outside of those, it's all really tiny, even if some of those tiny
changes touched some core files.

So despite the slight worry that the holidays might have affected the
schedule, 5.5 ended up with the regular rc cadence and is out now.

That means that the merge window for 5.6 will open tomorrow, and I
already have a couple of pull requests pending. The timing for this
next merge window isn't optimal for me - I have some travel and other
things going on during the same two weeks, but hopefully it won't be
all that noticeable.  But there might be random timezones, odd hours,
and random delays because of that. I try to avoid scheduling things
during the merge window, but hey, it doesn't always work out, and I'd
have to delay things by two weeks to avoid the conflicts, which just
doesn't seem worth it.

Particularly since it's not necessarily going to be a problem to begin
with. We'll see.

Anyway. Go out and test 5.5, and start sending me those pull requests
for all the new development that is ready,


Sie können den Linux-Kernel 5.5 herunterladen. davon Verknüpfung.


– VMs auf Microsoft Hyper-V können endlich in den Ruhezustand wechseln.

– Abbruch des SYSCTL-Systemaufrufs.

– Überarbeiteter AMD IOMMU-Treibercode.

– Weitere Verbesserungen für die Einführung der AMD Arcturus Vega-basierten GPU.

– AMDGPU HDCP-Unterstützung für Raven Ridge und neuer.

– Fortsetzung der Intel Gen12 / Tiger Lake-Grafik.

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